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Children and Divorce


"Children are the reason Go Divorce Clinic was founded in January of 2009".

After years of conducting formal mediation, and witnessing first hand the devastation contested divorce with lawyers was having upon families, and children's hearts, GDC founder Robert Revel, decided to create a safer place to get the professional services needed to end a marriage with dignity and accord. When parents do not fight, and a marriage can be dissolved amicably and with respect, the children benefit greatly in ways that are hard to even measure. When hostile, and bitter litigation driven divorces occur, they deplete more than a families finances, they drain its heart.

Child advocacy has been at the heart of GDC since its inception. So the question always on our lips is "what is in the best interest of the children"? The good news is that this spirit is shared by most of the parents that move through our offices. Most couples we see at GDC, tend to agree on what is best for their children, even if they disagree over property and debts.


GDC facilitators will, when necessary, encourage parents to refer back to the minor children during the dissolution process, to remind us all how important it is to proceed with respect and care. Most studies today show that the conflict that causes the greatest harm to children of divorce comes in the years after the divorce is finished. A healthier dissolution process can mitigate bitterness and longstanding acrimony well after the divorce is finalized.


Physical custody is concerned with the time that the children physically spend with each parent. A child must stay overnight with a parent in order for that parent to claim a percentage of physical custody. Time with a minor child that does not include overnight stays is called "visitation".


Legal custody concerns the full spectrum of rights and responsibilities that come along with parenting a child in the United States. Divorcing couples that GDC assists, typically retain joint legal custody.


Family Plans are the specific child custody structures and schedules that the parents adhere to when utilizing joint physical custody. Visitation Schedules are the specific time (days and hours) the non-custodial parent is spending with the children, and often reference specific arrangements around holidays, birthdays and summer vacations.


Child support is the amount of money one parent will be scheduled to pay the other parent for the support of the minor children they are legally responsible for. Child support at GDC is often an agreed upon amount which is determined by both parents, and not the Courts. GDC utilizes Dissomaster child support calculations to assist the couple in getting a sense of possible guideline amounts they may want to consider.


The state of California sponsors a website for the public that contains a functional child support calculator for use by divorcing couples.  We refer our clients to it when there are minor children.  All divorcing parents with minor children must submit a sanctioned child support calculation at judgment.  You may access the state sponsored calculator by clicking here: California Child Support Calculations.


GDC can provide, for divorcing parents who request it, advanced calculation software results through a more sophisticated Family Law Software, when a more detailed breakdown of financial specificity to be considered in lieu of child support results is desired.


Health insurance for children must be made a part of any support order in California, if the insurance is made available at a "reasonable" (no more than 5% of the payor's gross income) cost to the parents.


It is a felony to take or keep a child away from the other parent with the intent to prevent a custody or visitation right from being exercised. If you feel this is occurring, see a family law attorney for advice on how to handle these situations.


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