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A Word From The Founder of GDC

Meet Robert Revel, founder of Go Divorce Clinic.

robert revel

I once picked up a gypsy hitchhiker deep in the Rocky Mountains who claimed to have travelled to every country in the world. What would you ask a person that had met so many different people from all those various cultures? I thought it was a great opportunity to make an inquiry, and so I eventually asked, "If you could say one thing about human beings, what would it be"? To which she quickly replied, "People are basically good".

I have worked in prisons, helping to reform convicted felons. I have taught in homeless shelters, sharing life skills with this country's cultural refugee's. I have served with the state's juvenile diversion program counseling at risk youth. In every instance my service in those moments involved my capacity to help others find redemption in the trenches of chaos, fear and hopelessness. I can do this kind of work only because I have by grace found a way into a deep faith in life that, in turn, compels my trust in the human heart.

Life is messy, mostly because we as humans are pretty messy creatures.  Divorce is often, a very messy event. But like my gypsy hitchhiker friend says, I believe people are basically good at heart. In my work, I proceed forth with that conviction, even when it seems all evidence to the contrary. It's not Pollyanna, it's a commitment I have made to trust life, and I have seen the power of it move mountains. 

Divorce is a transition. Trust me, you will survive it. And if you allow this office to assist you in conducting your way through it with dignity and care, you will not only survive divorce, you will be an even better person on the other side of it. Because through the process, there is something more valuable available to you than any tangible thing you can get from a marital estate. Something far better for your kids than any fortune you could bequeath to your children. It has to do with rising to the occasion and demonstrating through very tough times a living example of the human heart at its best. If you can do that, you will be one of those living examples of how, "people are basically good".

What better "take away" could you be "awarded" in a divorce? 
What better "support" could you give your children?

Robert Revel


Published Books by Robert Revel:

The 5th Phenomenon - Non Fiction, Phaedrus Publishing © 2018
Pilate - A Closet Drama - Phaedrus Publishing © 2014
Razing Men - Non Fiction, Phaedrus Publishing © 2011


"Working with Robert made the mediation process a pleasant experience. His insight, advice, and ability to help two people communicate during a very stressful time in one's life is quite amazing. He has a very pleasant way of getting right to the heart of the issues and create clarity. His experience and understanding of human interaction and relationships, and ability to convey and make understandable the issues that my wife and I had made the process more acceptable and easier to digest. He was able to listen to my wife and explain to me what I was unable to hear from her. I would highly recommend Robert to anybody going through a divorce." M.R. Read more customers' testimonials »


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