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Divorce Mediation

98% Of Our Clients Do Not Need Formal Mediation.

Why bear the cost of formal mediation when you may not need it?

In many ways the family law industry has driven the business of divorce mediation by fueling fear and conflict, and then control the market with mediators that play the same game.  Many modern divorcing couples now realize that attorney-driven mediation is not the answer, just a different version of the same costly process.

After 14 years of mediation and conflict resolution teaching, GDC founder Robert Revel realized that when divorcing couples are handled skillfully up front in a divorce, the need for formal mediation rarely arises, and when it does, the couple has already been cultured to cooperate through the GDC process from the beginning.

Free GDC Divorce Assessment

In most instances, what a couple facing divorce or legal separation really needs instead of mediation, is initial clear information to gain understanding, and neutral guidance through the dissolution process. Often there is no real "problem", (absolutely stuck issues between the parties) its just that the divorcing couple needs clarity and experienced divorce facilitation to help them get on the 'same page' with the issues before them.

For divorcing couples who are just starting out, we offer a GDC Divorce Assessment, which is an effective approach to help clear the air, and get accurate information in a safe, neutral environment.  Helpful upfront information will save the divorcing couple a lot of time, struggle and money. Scheduling the couple to a simple one-hour GDC Divorce Assessment with an experienced, and impartial, ***GDC facilitator will often suffice to bring the couple to a basic understanding of any divisive issues, by creating a cooperative understanding combined with straight information that allows the couple to complete an uncontested divorce quickly and inexpensively without getting into formal mediation.


What is a GDC Divorce Facilitator?

A Divorce Facilitator at Go Divorce Clinic is an individual who has either a law school degree (not actively barred) or is a credentialed paralegal. To add to these, a candidate for divorce facilitation must have formal mediation credentialing from an accredited college or university, or at least 5 years of active divorce mediation experience in family law. The divorce facilitator must also be an actively registered Legal Document Assistant. Go Divorce Clinic facilitators must also have 10 hours of conflict resolution communication training, based in the work of Dr. Marshal Rosenberg's Center For Non-Violent Communication.

A GDC Divorce Facilitator must be:

1) Paralegal or J.D. Degree.
2) Mediation Credentialed.
3) Registered Legal Document Assistant
4) Non-Violent Communication Trained.

In cases where contracted GDC clients are remaining cooperative, but need more time, information and assistance sorting through the issues of a more complex estate, GDC offers a second tier interim alternative to formal divorce mediation: The GDC "Conference of Issues".

"Tell me more about the GDC Conference of Issues".

A GDC Conference of Issues is an option available only to contracted GDC clients.  Scheduling time for a GDC Conference of Issues with a neutral GDC facilitator is safe, informative and empowering for both individuals working through issues in a divorce without involving the high cost or time committment involved in formal mediation, and can often be done over the phone in conference call. Your GDC facilitator is trained and experienced in dispute resolution communication, and managing high conflict scenarios and is a credentialed mediator. The GDC Conference of Issues is an excellent alternative to formal mediation when the couple is needing help, while they are being relatively reasonable, and not struggling with deep seated emotional pain that is preventing progress. It is also a great venue to determine if formal mediation might actually be necessary, and if so, then to detail out the issues before the mediation is scheduled.  The Conference of Issues is a special service offered only to our GDC clientele.

"What if we need formal mediation"

Formal Mediation:

Divorcing couples experiencing seemingly intractable differences, and extreme difficulty in communicating with each other directly often are candidates for mediation. GDC values a mediation process that is traditionally focused, but also free from the residues of entrenched alliances of attorney networks. Genuine neutrality in mediation comes easily to independent practitioners that focus on pure client-based resolution, without dealing with representing attorneys that they have "colleague" relationships with.

GDC can offer "in house" mediation.  We are independent mediation specialists that have had two decades of practice imbedded with the neutral-focused dispute resolution process.  GDC mediators fully understand and support the uncontested and self-represented nature of our clientele. GDC mediation shares a network of supportive professionals, an alliance of professional resources that may be called upon to provide expert advice, valuations, financial consulting, and outside legal counsel. GDC dispute resolution practitioners focus on empowering mediation participants with unbiased and non-provocative information sources that give clarity and insight into the issues facing the disputants. GDC imediation services represent the wave of the future for self-represented, and non-litigation based disputing parties.


GDC Mediation Services are only $255.00 per hour for GDC Clients.


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