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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions commonly asked of us by our valued clients. Contact us by email if you have a question that is not answered here.

At GDC no one person is allowed to control the process. Both Parties are empowered and recognized as equals. Any hurtful, exploiting or domineering behavior by either Party in a divorce will be addressed by the GDC facilitator, and the behavior must be corrected in order for the couple to continue an uncontested divorce process with GDC.
A legal separation does everything a divorce does, but does not end the parties status as married. In other words all financial, property, and support issues can be settled and divided just like in a divorce, but without changing the marital status.
No. You may become legally separated as soon as the court receives and process your judgment paperwork.
We find people get legal separations instead of divorces often when there are issues where medical coverage through a spouse is an issue, for tax reasons, or for emotional reasons where one or both Parties need some kind of separation but are not prepared to dissolve the partnership entirely.
Yes. We process only uncontested divorces.
No. At GDC, we typically present the divorce petition to the respondent in the office at the second visit when they are there to sign the settlement agreement.
The state will issue a divorce decree the soonest at 6 months and one day from the date of service upon the Respondent of the petition for divorce.
This can be accomplished in a matter of days if the couple is in complete agreement on all issues and can get all the required information to our office quickly.
A legal document assistant is an individual who is authorized by the State to prepare legal forms and documents on behalf of the public without the supervision of a barred attorney.
No, not if you can come to agreement. GDC clients never go to Court or hearing while processing an uncontested divorce through our office.
In situations where both Parties are cooperating at GDC, we find that clear and unbiased information about their estate is what they are really pursuing in order to make clear and fair choices.  In such cases we have offered referrals to professionals that are trusted in their fields for them to consult with.  These trusted network affiliates (see our network affiliates page) may be one of many trusted consulting resources such as a certified financial planner, or an estate attorney for wills and trusts.
Currently to file a petition for divorce there is a $435.00 filing fee. To respond to a divorce petition costs $435.00 as well.