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Financials & Spousal Support


Different divorcing couples can present an array of income and asset scenarios, some from the very simple (a couple of checking accounts and a basic wage earning paycheck) to very complex (pensions, businesses, capital investments, retirement portfolios, real estate investments, multiple sources of income, etc.).  Each needs a quality of time and attention that suits their varing degree of complexity.  GDC has the professional tools, resources and experience to navigate these financial landscapes to the depth and degree that each client desires.


Spousal Support is often one of the challenging areas of family law.  Clarity is essential to healthy negotiations.  Clarity can be greatly assisted with calculation softwares that are sophisticated, up to date and thorough in their audit detail and formulas.  GDC utilizes the most powerful and modern California Judicial Counselapproved spousal support software available (click here). Detailing out income and expense profiles is essential to target specific support calculations that are fair and reasonable, a dimensional function most support calculations lack.  Calculations rendered by a neutral facilitator who is utilizing accurately declared and disclosed income and expenses creates the safest and cleanest approach to support numbers, something GDC has a well respected reputation for in the industry.


Divorce means transition.  That means that the financial circumstances of the post dissolution chapter of our clients lives is going to change from the way things were during the marriage.  That can be pretty scary for some folks.  Using calculation software that is comprehensive enough to provide cash flow projections for current and future financial circumstances can greatly assist in providing the clarity that brings relief from the uncertainty of the new financial outlook for our clients.

"What If" financial software anaylasis capabilities allow our clients the advantage of peering into multiple financial scenarios that may, or could likely arise in the future, so that they may make accomodation for them, or base current decisions at dissolution relative to those possibilities.  It's this thoughtful and complete approach that we take at GDC that allows our clients to be empowered by clear information in their decision making process, and guided by calm, caring, neutral professionals.  It's just another example of what clearly sets us apart from a conventional mediated divorce.  At GDC we aren't looking for problems, we foster cooperation so that we may remain focused on solutions, because that is what our clients want.


Employer pensions and many retirement accounts require a specific action to facilitate the release of funds to parties other than the pension, or retirement account holder.  Dividing up community property interests in employee pensions and retirement accounts often requires the drawing up of a particular type of court order known as a QDRO - or Qualified Domestic Relations Order .  At GDC we have many years of experience drafting QDRO's to meet our clients needs.  At your consultation, a GDC facilitator will provide information to you regarding these orders if your marital estate includes the types of financial accounts that may require such orders.



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