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divorce mediation santa rosa
Hi Robert.  Thank you so much for all of your help and effort and getting this done. I really appreciate your hard work and sincerity throughout the whole process. I know that for me having you work for us made the process more bearable and easier to get it done. Take Care.


divorce mediation santa rosaDear Robert, I am so very grateful to you. Many Thanks for going above and beyond what I expected from a mediator. You are truly at the top of your field."


divorce mediation santa rosa
I am so grateful that I was sent your way when I realized that a divorce was imminent for me. I can’t imagine what that process would have been like in the cutthroat world of attorneys. I have always believed that collaboration, cooperation and consideration is the best way to deal with most things in life. That is the whole philosophy behind your method and while I know it may not work for everyone, it was definitely right for me. The only outcome that I really cared about was getting through it as painlessly as possible and being able to keep my home. You came through with both and I can’t begin to convey my sincere and true thanks to you."


divorce mediation santa rosaRobert, Thank you for everything, especially for your support through the whole process."


divorce mediation santa rosaWorking with Robert made the mediation process a pleasant experience. His insight, advice, and ability to help two people communicate during a very stressful time in one's life is quite amazing. He has a very pleasant way of getting right to the heart of the issues and create clarity. His experience and understanding of human interaction and relationships, and ability to convey and make understandable the issues that my wife and I had made the process more acceptable and easier to digest. He was able to listen to my wife and explain to me what I was unable to hear from her. I would highly recommend Robert to anybody going through a divorce."


divorce mediation santa rosaDear Robert,
I want to take this moment to thank you for all the assistance you have provided us these last several months. Thank you for your guidance, empathy and compassion. Thank you for always being so kind and considerate. You have a special gift of helping people in the most difficult times of their lives. Thank you for all the time you put into helping us, I know you must have spent more hours on us than you charged us for. I pray for God’s richest blessing on your life, and know God has used you and will continue to use you for his good works.
With much appreciation."


divorce mediation santa rosaWhen I came to Go Divorce Clinic, I was afraid my marriage might be facing a divorce. I am grateful to Robert Revel for his intuitiveness and knowledge. His relationship skills and techniques are beyond amazing! Robert Revel helped my husband and I find love again in our marriage. With his direction, we were able to identify our disagreements and find patience within ourselves to help resolve them. My husband and I are now happily in love, and able to remember what it feels like to "want to grow old together"! I would recommend Robert to anyone in a marital crisis who is in search of help with communication, life skills, or conflict resolution."


divorce mediation santa rosaI recently worked with Robert Revel of Go Divorce Clinic on my divorce paperwork. I must say he is knowledgeable, efficient, and very affordable. He drafted our marriage settlement agreement after years of us already having lived apart, and his work for us was excellent and thorough. Divorce is a difficult time, and although revisiting our unfinished business was awkward, he made the process easier to navigate. I would recommend his services to anyone needing to end their marriage, get that resolution, and move on with their lives in a healthy way."


divorce mediation santa rosaThank you Robert Revel and Go Divorce Clinic for providing a peaceful place for divorcing couples to dissolve their marriages. Your professionalism and knowledge greatly helped my former husband and I divorce without the damaging consequences that are so often associated with this process. Although difficult none the less, your assistance and compassion helped create a space in which feelings of care and sensitivity were still present, making it so much easier on our entire family during the dissolution. Thank you again for providing this service"


divorce mediation santa rosaRobert was instrumental in helping me get real clear on where I was, what I had done to get there and to create a plan on how to move forward. I feel like I was stuck in neutral and through the times I spent with Robert, I was able to move forward with my life in a more positive direction. My relationship with my wife, while not totally healed, the communication is much clearer and their is much more accountability.
Thanks Robert."


divorce mediation santa rosa
I have worked closely with Robert and admire his commitment and skill in helping clients through the most difficult transition of divorce. Robert makes his vision a reality as he helps his clients navigate divorce with dignity and self-respect. His model is clearly a "better way" from which we can all learn and help others access."


divorce mediation santa rosa
Robert embodies the values of compassion, pragmatism and fairness. He has deep understanding of the human condition and the nature of conflict as well as methods for resolving conflict in a fair, impartial way in which both parties recognize that their needs are being met."

Elliot Freed

divorce mediation santa rosa
I never hesitate to refer to Robert Revel of the Go Divorce Clinic when my clients make the decision to divorce. I trust him, and I trust the process he provides will help people navigate this difficult terrain with the least amount of emotional and financial suffering for all involved, especially in cases where there are children of divorce involved. He has a unique and straightforward, kind, no-nonsense approach that helps his clients feel safe enough to create a fair and sane divorce. In short, his are very good hands to be in for any family or couple needing to have professional and skillful guidance through the process of divorce."

Junelle Barrett Porter, Marriage Family Therapist

divorce mediation santa rosa
Robert Revel, owner of Go Divorce Clinic makes the dreadful process of divorce as painless as possible. With his unique approach and competence in the divorce process he will guide you through your divorce with compassion and sincerity.

Robert's professionalism, ethical standards and integrity are unparalleled compared to other divorce service providers in the divorce industry. I would highly recommend Robert to any couple that has to go through the process of divorce."

Kyle Messer

divorce mediation santa rosa
In a situation where emotions are volatile, Robert provides a safe environment to explore navigating the end of a relationship in a new manner. In a gentle, tactful and competent manner he guides his clients through the bureaucratic and emotional maze towards the best possible outcome for all parties involved. He saves his clients money and grief and is a particularly passionate advocate where children's needs are concerned."

Dr. Mira Herman

divorce mediation santa rosaI referred two divorces to Robert, and one of them was very contentious and the husband didn’t want to speak to his wife or give her anything. Robert was somehow able to get him to be reasonable and agreeable. The divorce went easily after that, avoiding thousands of dollars they would have paid their attorneys while they argued. Robert is a professional with a lot of compassion and great charisma. He is also firm enough to get results."

Jeff Lecoeuche

divorce mediation santa rosaDear Robert, thank you for helping me through every step of the way on my divorce. I am blessed to know a kind, genuine person like you. I was referred to you by a co-worker. We were both ready to get divorced, but we were very confused on what steps to take in completing a divorce. A few weeks later she told me her papers were completed and filed. This is when she told me about you and how good you made her feel throughout the process. She glowed when she mentioned how kind and honest you are. That was enough to make me start my divorce process with you.

When I talked to you the first time on the phone, I felt like I was talking to a friend. You did not have a cold business-only personality. I was so frustrated with my marriage that the first time I talked to you, I broke down in tears. You did not make me feel like I was just another "emotional woman." You were patient and you listened to me. After hearing your compassionate and kind words I was eager to meet with you to help me begin my divorce.

I want to give you many thanks for informing me that there was a possibility for me to get my Court Fees Waived when filing the papers at the court. The odds were against me since I made more income than what their expected income bracket was to have these fees waived. Thanks to your attention to detail, I was able to get all my COURT FILING FEES WAIVED!

I will recommend you to anyone that is seeking a divorce without having to go through a lawyer. You show a great interest in making your customers feel happy and most of all, you went the extra mile by looking out for the well being of the children. It was real important to me that the paperwork was done accurately with a clear understanding of what I want in my divorce papers. I have enough stress in my life and I did not want to try and do this by myself. Thank you Robert!"

N. E.

divorce mediation santa rosaI am an attorney, mediator, and certified family law specialist, and have practiced for over 40 years in California. I am quite experienced with the process of divorce.

Robert Revel conducted a family law mediation involving a client of mine. Both parties had attorneys involved as active counsel, but the parties appeared in the mediation with Mr. Revel without their attorneys. This was a very difficult mediation, one of those where a mediator could be driven to pull their own hair out. Robert handled the situation well, and was finally able to work with the attorneys to come to an agreement that both parties signed.

I have had personal conversations about the process of mediation with Robert, and based upon my own 15 years of experience as a mediator, believe him to be quite knowledgeable and diligent. The quality of services he provides is excellent, and I have never heard of any grievances held by anyone against Robert’s professional services.

In closing I would say that his reputation with me is excellent, and I would not hesitate to refer another client to him for mediation."

Irwin Borof - Attorney at Law

divorce mediation santa rosaWhen a couple decides to divorce there are many layers of the relationship to consider. And if a couple decides to roll up their sleeves and sort through the details of the layers of separating a family themselves, having the help of a someone like Robert Revel is imparative. Compassion, understanding and fairness is what Robert Revel brought to my divorce. There were conflicts that arose that were unexpected and really sticky and he was able to maintain a confident, calm, focused perspective that kept things moving along. His ability to see both sides of a conflict supports a cooperative process unlike what can be the norm of doing divorce the "traditional" way with attorneys and court battles that can go on for years and leave both parties drained, broke and emotionally bankrupt. There is an integrity in divorcing on one's own terms, and Robert Revel supports a couple in that process."


divorce mediation santa rosaI am very satisfied with Go Divorce Clinic service regarding my divorce. Everything was so clearly explained and Robert made sure I understood the process. Robert demonstrated how matters could be worked out with the least amount of turmoil. Above all, his integrity, honesty and conscientiousness were invaluable to me. I sincerely appreciate everything he did to guide me through this process. It would absolutely recommend Robert to anyone in a marital crisis."