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Divorce Without Going To Court

Divorce Court:  The Last Place To Get A Healthy Divorce

It has often ben said that the last place to find justice these days is in a courtroom.  The politics of  the judicial process can make for a very unpredictable (and not necessarily just) judicial experience for those who must move through the process as regular citizens.  The family court system is best not entered if you wish to control the outcome of your financial resources, relationships and overrall marital estate. 

Divorce lawyers often promote fear of "loss" if you do not utilize them to do your divorce, but the greatest losses financially in divorce often occur where excessive legal fees are involved.  Many times I have seen court orders that deprive a decent parent of any custody their children, just because the "losing" parent could not keep up with the financial and emotional toll of "fighting" their spouses divorce lawyer, and that parent gave in by attrition to the unfair demands of their spouse and their attorney.  Child custody is just one small example how family law attorneys, and court orders, can put the "squeeze" on a divorcing spouse or parent until they surrender.  This has nothing to do with family law protecting anybodies rights, and everything to do with using the legal system to unfairly hurt or exploit another human being for no reasons other than greed or revenge or both.  The damage done to families and children of divorce in these kinds of cases is cruel and unnecessary.

Keeping your California divorce out of the court system and in your own hands is your best opportunity for you and your children to experience a safe transition out of your marriage.  Having your divorce handled by a GDC neutral facilitator in Santa Rosa, is the best way for you to find a fair and equitable divorce settlement and an affordable one.  Yes, getting help with your divorce is a really good idea.  But getting the wrong "help" is one of the worst things you can do in a divorce.  The Santa Rosa independent paralegal (Legal Document Assistant) of GDC can complete your legal forms and marriage settlement agreement without divorce lawyers or hearings.  You can cooperate with your spouse with a little help from our experienced divorce mediator/facilitator, who will guide you both safely through the dissolution process.  Visit us at:

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