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Employing Fear tactics in Family Law

Lawyers Using Fear Tactics In Divorce

More and more divorcing families are choosing not to fight it out with divorce lawyers.  Recognizing this, some family law attorneys are now beginning to offer "affordable" uncontested divorce services to capture this hugely emerging market.  (proceed to link regarding "Cheap Lawyer Divorces" - Click Here ).   To corral an uninformed  public, these lawyers may employ fear tactics that warn those intending to divorce that they should be aware of their "rights" in a divorce, and that those who seek to divorce would be better off not using an independent paralegal (or LDA).   Our experience reveals quite the opposite.  In fact, in nearly six years of doing divorces, we find that keeping divorce lawyers out of an uncontested process, lessens the chance of one or both spouses getting "spooked" into some fearful reaction that hurts and provokes the other spouse, into lashing back (usually with a second attorney), and then escalating into a devastatingly costly divorce scenario.  We have observed that cooperative divorcing couples appear to be at no disadvantage in choosing to self represent, and proceed with an amicable dissolution.   Violating "rights" means committing a crime or inflicting some legal injury, and this is not at all typical in an uncontested divorce, and certainly not a part of our process at GDC.    GDC does not tolerate abusive behavior from any party in a divorce case, and in order to continue to process an uncontested divorce through our office, clients agree to cooperate and conduct themselves appropriately, or we may withdraw and refer the parties out to attorneys.  Our ongoing committment is to educate the public about the benefits of self-represented, cooperative divorce, and bring to light the often unnecessary cost of engaging lawyers to conduct a divorce, and the dangers of getting caught in the family court system.

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