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These days many family law attorneys are advertising for “low cost” divorces.  I expect the trend will continue with the upswing of self represented divorce filings rises, and the market share of divorcing couples seeking lawyers to do their divorce in the United States continues to trend down.  People are no longer willing to endure emotionally brutal and financially devastating litigious divorces.  They know now, thanks to the internet, that there are better options.  GDC offers the optimal combination of an independent paralegal (registered Legal Document Assistant) and mediator.  This is the quickest, safest, full service, and affordable option available to divorcing couples today. 


The spin the “low cost” divorce lawyers are marketing, has to do with selling to the consumer the idea that any “legitimate” divorce must be handled by a family law lawyer.  The idea is driven home that you must be aware of your “rights” in a divorce and that they will help the divorcing couple be aware of them. One may fairly ask, “Exactly what rights are you talking about”?  Uncontested divorce in California is mostly procedural, and the laws (50%-50% Community property, & No-Fault doctrines) have been designed to pretty much mitigate areas for people to fight over things.  Sorting things out in a marital estate requires accurate, unbiased information and conflict managment guidance (what we focus on at GDC) more than anything else. 

Low cost divorce may augment attorney's whose regular practice is simply not producing enough income to support them, so these attorneys are now moving into the new market share of self-represented divorcing couples.  The problem is that attorneys processing divorces for both parties in a divorce, while representing only one party as a client, may be moving into an arguably gray area ethically.  Attorneys are ethically bound by the legal profession to advocate for the best interest of the client they represent.  Lawyers that offer to “work” with both parties, but in actuality are representing only one, cannot proceed forth as neutral.  The unrepresented party will be at a distinct disadvantage.   Any agreement proceeding forth out of this arrangement that becomes a judgment of divorce could possibly be challenged on the backside of the divorce, and set aside, due to the imbalance of legal reresentation during the process of the dissolution.

it is important to understand what is clear information, and what is hype and spin.  At GDC we have been processing divorces in Sonoma County and northern California since 2009, producing professional, truly amicable, quick and affordable divorces.  Our clients can and do testify that attorney-free divorce through GDC is not only less expensive and safe, but actually a better service product in their eyes.  Visit us at

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